Stand With a Girl (SWAG) Initiative inaugurates GIRL ADVISORY BOARD with two pioneer girls. Eight other girls to join in the coming weeks.

Stand With a Girl (SWAG) Initiative inaugurates GIRL ADVISORY BOARD with two pioneer girls. Eight other girls to join in the coming weeks.

We are excited to welcome on board Yosi Bobai and Praise Ademola as members of the GIRL ADVISORY BOARD.

The Girl Advisory Board (GAB) will serve as an interface between SWAG and girls to ensure that the priorities of girls are reflected in the programmes of SWAG and that their advice is used to better address their needs. It will also be a platform to improve girls knowledge of programme planning and implementation and understanding of education, empowerment and reproductive health and rights, and to empower young girls by creating opportunities for them to take action. It also provides the opportunity for girls to learn new skills, and gain a greater appreciation for diversity by serving alongside people they would not otherwise meet through exposure and participation in relevant meetings and trainings.

In the coming weeks, eight other girls will be added to the board. Members of the GAB will be girls and young women between the ages of 15 to 29 years, reflecting the cultural, social, and economic diversity in Nigeria and be able to speak to the priorities of girls in the State they represent.

πŸ”˜ Who is Yosi Bobai?

Yosi Bobai is a final year student of Agricultural Science at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

She is a caterer and a cake designer, the CEO of Ybee Awesome Cakes and Confectionery.
Yosi is also into other kinds of business which involves buying and selling of goods.

Yosi is a volunteer with Stand with a Girl (SWAG) Initiative and ProjectEAC (Educate a Child Campaign) .

She is a native of kaduna state, Zangon Kataf local government.

Sport is one of her hobby, she participated in sporting activities(track events) through out her secondary school years and she enjoys reading and making new friends.

πŸ”˜What she has to say about SWAG Initiative

How I got to about SWAG. I was invited by an aunt to celebrate International Day of the Girl Child at Queen FM Radio, Tudun Wada, Zaria sometime around Oct 11th 2015. I had a nice time and enjoyed the program and really wanted to be part of what SWAG Initiative is doing.

SWAG Initiative has blessed my life in so many ways. SWAG made me believe that I could be great, have great potential and be a leader in my society even as a girl.

I picked up so many challenge and begun to work on them, one which is Ybee Awesome Cakes and Confectionery and I kept pushing even when I felt like giving up.

Today, I am super proud of how far I have come, though I haven’t gotten to where I want to be but I am close and I am definitely going to get there someday with hardwork and consistency.

I admire the founder of SWAG Initiative; Ms. Margaret Adegbola, her passion, zeal and enthusiasm. Whenever I see or hear about her, I am motivated to push harder and this keeps me going.

God bless all the girls out there with great and awesome potentials

πŸ”˜ Who is Praise Ademola?

Praise Jola Ademola is a final year student of Mass Communication at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Praise is passionate about her faith, health/ physical wellbeing, writing and creating art pieces and poetry. She utilizes her skills to drive social change and promote positive attitudes especially among youths in her virtual community.

Faithful to this, she has served as a volunteer to a number of reputable non-governmental organizations including SWAG initiative, Project EducateAChild, THE Wonder In Me (TWIM), DVaitalLife, SendMetoSchool (SMS) and The African Leadership Engagement Team; where she serves as a content creator, media/ publicity manager and moderator on various social media platforms.

An advocate for education and sexual and reproductive rights, Praise loves to tell visual stories and catch up with loved ones during her leisure time.

πŸ”˜ What she has to say about SWAG Initiative.

The first time I saw the name SWAG was at an aunt’s house on a gift clock. However, I only got to know about SWAG in 2020 during the corona break from a dear aunt’s status. I was a participant at the SWAG VSS Group 2 where I came in contact with very efficient facilitators from different states of the world. They taught me vital life skills and knowledge that every adolescent girl should know. I was one out of two awardees for the most participatory girl in the group.

I have acquired intricate knowledge in the space of about 2 years. In fact, I have got a priceless notebook on my shelf filled with notes on contemporary issues like leadership, advocacy, career and personal development, story telling, financial planning, communication skills, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, gender rights, sexual & reproductive health, Covid 19 etc., that have been taught by SWAG through the years.

Lastly, SWAG has helped refine my skills in public speaking and visual storytelling through their many enlightening symposiums. In March 2021, I moderated my biggest virtual event yet with notable organizations like UNICEF, WHO and UNFPA; all thanks to SWAG. It is my sincere prayer that their legacy lives on till the end of time!

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