Education is the most powerful weapon which girls can use to change the world

The project’s goal is to foster informed decision making ability of young girls using education as a tool.

By contributing to the SWAG Initiative you ensure that girls are not denied an education because of their inability to afford it.

Donating whatever amount through crowd funding for the project. Individuals who donate would be required to give their email address for quarterly financial and progress reports as well as human angle stories as a result of the project.

‘Train one-girl’ option for individuals seeking to train one or two girls throughout the course of the project. This individuals would be given quarterly reports (financial and progress),

a profile of their Donee (s), personalized messages of gratitude  and progress from Donee, acknowledgement on the SWAGEP hall of fame (a section dedicated to
our sponsors), a gratitude email from the team and the option to be
featured on our ‘person of the month’ series on all social media
platforms. Newsletters on current trends in Girl child education and

relevant data quarterly. The email addresses and social media handles
(optional) would be required.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc orci nisl, tempus ut sem a

For more information, please send us an email via